Project Partners

Project Partners

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), in partnership with a network of government agencies and water authorities, is the agency responsible for managing the waterways in which fish live in Victoria. DELWP works closely with Melbourne Water and the nine regional Catchment Management Authorities to deliver the Victorian Waterway Management Program that aims to maintain or improve the condition of Victoria's waterways to ensure they can continue to provide environmental, social, cultural and economic values both now and into the future.

The Victorian Fisheries Authority is responsible for regulating the commercial and recreational take of fish and for the ecologically sustainable development, use and management of Victorian fisheries. They also work with recreational fishers to improve their recreational fishing experiences, and in doing so, partner with recreational fishing and community groups including VRFish and Native Fish Australia. The Victorian Fisheries Authority manage the stocking of waterways with recreational fishing species, fishing licenses, and the protection of recreationally and economically important fish from invasive competitors.

Scientists from DELWP’s Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research are conducting the fish sampling for the program.

Key Stakeholders:

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Photo credit: Mallee Catchment Management Authority