Fisheries Regulations

Legal Size Information2

The legal size of fish must be checked at the first available opportunity. Fish that don't meet size regulations must be released immediately. Measure fish from tip of snout with mouth closed, to end of the tail.

The legal sizes (total length) for the priority recreational fish included in this report are:

  • Australian bass: minimum 27cm
  • Estuary perch: minimum 27cm
  • Freshwater catfish: minimum 30cm
  • Golden perch: minimum 30cm
  • Macquarie perch:  minimum 35cm
  • Murray cod: minimum 55cm, maximum 75cm
  • River blackfish: minimum 23cm

For more information on fisheries regulations, including legal sizes, bag limits and seasonal closures, please refer Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide. Click here to to access the guide.


Photo credit: the Victorian Fisheries Authority