How to Use the Map

The Native Fish Report Card mapping portal allows you to view information about each of the target fish species in the priority rivers across Victoria.

You can navigate to a waterway using the tiles in the left side panel or by clicking on the site on the map. When you have navigated to the waterway the side panel has tiles for the target species in that creek/river and also lists the non-target species found during the survey. Click on one of the tiles for the target species to see the key health indicators and monitoring results for that fish in the waterway. You can export this report to a pdf for printing or to view offline.

You can also search for a fish species using the search bar at the top of the mapping portal page, to see where a fish species has been surveyed and jump to the species’ report card for a particular waterway.

Further information on the Key Health Indicators can be found by clicking the question mark to the right of the 'Key Health Indicators' heading on the report cards.

For more information on the data displayed in these reports, see ‘This Project - The Data’.

Access the Native Fish Report Card mapping portal